. . . called Toradora!  It’s pretty good.  

Really though, having watched the last episode, I think I’m contractually obligated to say something about it.  Especially as, in recent weeks, everyone has been up in arms about the way the show was trending.

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A quick little thing

I should juse my blog for this more often:  I have a short little note concerning lelangir’s latest anitation.

Yes, I haven’t watched Clannad, but my comment isn’t really about the show.  In the anitation, lelangir writes, “Clannad’s message, sojourner tell us, is ‘[w]hen empowered by strong emotions like love and friendship, a person’s thoughts are able to shape the future.'”

That’s a perfectly valid message; a few more modern philosophical schools say exactly that.  I think Sartre claimed something similar, that once one accepts one’s own responsibility for one’s actions, it is a simple matter to affect one’s future by deciding what one wants and doing that.  He equates the thoughts with the ability to “shape the future,” as being able to think the right thoughts is the difficult thing to do (supposedly).

Rejoice, all ye faithful

It’s time again: The Super Fanicom Voice Module is ready to give you an enema full of glee.  What’s the topic this time?  Everything ever!  Actually, we come pretty close…  We make it across the field from Osama Tezuka and VOTOMS to Rideback and the new Toradora! OP/ED.  It’s not attached to a single show this time, and we tried pretty hard to avoid spoilers.  Everyone you’ve ever loved is on it this time, too.

Also, we’re running the first Voice Module “Call In Radio” contest:  that is, vote in a comment to the SF.c post as to which show, of three mentioned, you want to force me to watch over an upcoming weekend.  There are three options, but you’ll have to listen to find out!


When it's also a surrogate for your dead mother.

When it's also a surrogate for your dead mother.

All right, I kid.  The better answer is, “When it’s also the crux of a battle between luddites and the rest of us,” which is, naturally, sweepingly broad, but bear with me.

Obviously I’m finally getting around to posting on Rideback.  Everyone else did it last week, but I wanted to take a while to wrap my head around it.  I still feel like it’s a bit early, but I finally had actual thoughts about the show and thought I’d jump over here and inflict them on you.  If you listened to the latest Super Fanicom Voice Module, you’ll already by somewhat familiar with my abortive attempts to grapple the technology of the show into an understandable state.  I think I have made some headway in this endeavor.  

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for the Super Fanicom Voice Module returns!  Ever wanted to hear five people talk too much about Ride Back?  Your dreams, they have come true.

Oh, I remember this…


I know Tytania is all about blurry lines, but the blonde just looks like an asshole

I know Tytania is all about blurry lines, but the blonde just looks like an asshole

I’m finally making an effort to catch up with Tytania — if two episodes, a post, and probably a round of Crayon Physics, then bed, can be called “effort.”  I choose to think it can be.  I don’t usually like bitchy posts about the terrible state of affairs in world X (comics, anime, TV, whatever) — I tend to classify them in the same way Wil Wheaton does, as “get off my lawn!”  However, I finally managed to pinpoint the odd feeling I have whenever I watch an episode of Tytania.  Specifically, there are no harem-leads, moe-moe girls, silent meganekko, dojikko, or lipstick lesbians.  All you can see, when you key up an episode, is fucking awesome explosions, space opera so pure that commanders are required to sit on a stage when they give orders, and space-politics (like Earth-politics, but in zero gee) like nobody’s business.  Asshole compressed version:  no pandering, just awesome.

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Your dreams have come true.

You might have guessed it:  The Super Fanicom Voice Module is back!  Dance in the streets, damn you, dance!  This week we tried to deal with Maria Holic, which might be a lot crazier than we’re used to.  Then again, it was probably all CCY‘s fault.