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You might have noticed there haven’t been a lot of updates in a while.  This is sort-of one.  Really, what it is is an announcement of the most epic of (internet) proportions.  I have left this place for another place!  

Pontifus has kindly provided me with server space and a wicked site redesign.  You may find me, now, at Cuchlann.  I didn’t want to spring for my own domain, so you’ll notice it’s post-fixed as superfani.com.  This does not, in fact, mean it is under some sort of SF.c umbrella; I have not been subsidized by the gnawing, writhing worm that is Pontifus.  It just means my stuff is stored on the same server as his and, well, my stuff from those SF.c posts I do.  

Short version:  I moved! Go check it out!  All my archives are there, including your delicious comments.  There is also, wonder of wonders! a new post.  It’s about what it means to like something!  Go, read it!


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Because no one demanded it:

(4:10:04 AM) Pontifus: your epic beard is now the mascot of super fanicom
(4:10:13 AM) cuchlann: Aroo?
(4:10:43 AM) cuchlann: It’s been trimmed down since then, anyway.
(4:10:51 AM) cuchlann: Did you just make that decision, by the way?
(4:11:05 AM) Pontifus: yeah, like fifteen seconds ago
(4:11:28 AM) cuchlann: That’s pretty quick snap-decisions there. I suppose I’m proud to have our mascot, uh, clinging to my face.
(4:12:09 AM) Pontifus: well, i tend to go with my instincts
(4:12:24 AM) Pontifus: which tell me that we need a mascot, and that aforementioned mascot should be your facial hair

Crossposted to Superfani.com, because why wouldn’t it be?

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Blah.  I am just about finished with my semester.  I’m working on a paper on the Gothic in survival horror video games, which I mean to use as my sample on my Ph.D applications.  I have a few online quizzes in my History of the English Language class.  I also need to do the other stuff for those applications, like get GRE test results, send in CVs and that sample, so on, blah.  Oh, and grading.

Sadly, all this means I’m less busy than I used to be.  Once I get out of the crushing despair that is doing my applications, I think I’ll have more time to watch anime again.  I’m caught up with Toradora!, but that’s it.  

So, sometime soon (within a week, I hope), I mean to try to write some more for you good people.  So I thought I would tweak something that didn’t pan out several months ago — a watching challenge.  

Here’s the deal:  I never know what to watch.  So you should comment here and suggest one show from this previous season that you think I should watch.  The winning suggestion gets you this stunning prize:  I will watch three episodes, blogging each one.  So, really, you’re not just recommending something for me to watch, you’re recommending something you want to see me write about.  You should tell me why you think I should watch the (single, one, solitary) show you suggest.  

Right, Pontifus reminded me of something.  Don’t suggest shows I’m already watching, or things I already mean to watch.  And yes, I know, you probably don’t keep a carefully-collated list of the shit I’m doing.  Basically, I’m already watching Toradora!, I mean to watch Kannagi, and if you manage to find something else, I’ll let you know and you can have another go at it.  

Oh, right:  yay Minorin dere-dere conversation (if you’re curious, I had to look up “tsundere.”  I forgot it.  I’m, uh, yeah.  End of semester.

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bang bang, my baby shot me down

bang bang, my baby shot me down

I’m slowly catching up with Tytania, and continue to enjoy it a whole lot.  I like the vacillation of the episodes so far, some about Fan, some not.  I just finished episode five.  

My subject line is a little misleading; I’m not here to claim Tytania is a slice-of-life series.  It does, however, do something similar — it often presents us with characters for only one episode, cementing the specific, character-driven events into that particular episode.  I suppose I’ll break here for people who haven’t seen the episode yet:


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I just wanted to mention that I’m watching Tytania and Chaos;Head (which I will undoubtedly never “spell” correctly).  Chaos;Head reads like a user’s guide to unreliable narrators (you know, if you ignore that Poe is the user’s guide to unreliable narrators); lots of people seem to be nervous about it.  I was basically pleased by the whole thing, but then, I’m pretty easy-going when I’m not shouting at people (and lucky you, I taught today, so I’m good).  Tytania relaxed from an entertaining, stiff first episode into a just-plain-old-good second episode.  Again, I am relaxed while others are tensing for the deathblow.  I am, perhaps, about to be struck in the back of the head.  

That’s it for now.  Very tired.  Better post, and possibly more bitching about Nogizaka, soon.

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snapshot20081018002209.jpg picture by cuchlann

I’m actually caught up with one of the new shows this season.  Imagine my shock.  [Actually, I think I’m caught up with Gundam 00, though I could be terribly wrong about that.]

As you might or might not have gathered from the image, I’m watching Toradora! I’m a little surprised at how much I’m enjoying it, in fact.

Not that it’s surprising I’d enjoy this sort of show — I read more shoujo manga than I do any other kind, actually.  In fact, the tenth volume of Ouran is whimpering from across the room, begging me to finish it and not leave it half-done and abandoned on the floor, in danger of being forgotten beneath a form I really should get my students to sign (you know, just two months late).

Sorry, tangent.  No, what surprises me is how many stock situations Toradora! uses and how easily I forget that’s what I’m seeing.  Episode three is a great example — and not just because it’s the one I watched today.snapshot20081018002228.jpg picture by cuchlann

The episode culminates with Ryuuji and Kushieda stuck in a supply room, while Taiga first delivers booze and then searches for the two of them.  Upon reflection, that is, upon thinking of what I would tell you fine people about this show, I realized just how much a stock situation this is.  It’s not at the school, granted, but come on.  But I didn’t think about that at all as I watched.

It’s a truism that there’s nothing new to write about.  That is, it’s all in the way the author (or team, whoever) executes the story.  However, some things are, well, less new than others.  A domestic male and a violent female paired improbably together, one or both of them misunderstood for some reason, high school, unrequited love, yes yes, we’ve seen it.

But, in some way, we haven’t.  Apparently a lot of people are complaining about this show?  Well, fuck those people.  I guess, from what OGT has said, it’s basically because the show isn’t exactly the same as the novel it’s based on?  Look, people, I’m going to tell you something important, and I want you to listen.  All our lives will be better if you do.  Ready?  Okay.

Adaptations do not have to be exactly the same as the source material, you fucking re-re.

In fact, I say in smaller font, they can’t be.  If they are they’ll be interminable.  Sure, we all have our bugaboos about adaptations — some people still aren’t over how Tom Bombadil isn’t in Jackson’s movies, while I wonder why the studio even bothered licensing Starship Troopers for that movie with the famous assholes I don’t think I’ve ever seen in anything since.  But guess what?  I think ST is actually a pretty decent action SF flick.  You, and by “you” I mean the assholes out there, and not the kind, gentle reader who is, even now, wondering why I’m using so many curse words, have to judge the adaptation as its own thing.  I’d quote Derrida again, but I’ve done so much of that recently over on Super Fanicom I think the damn man might come back to life if I do it one more time.  Basically, the text is a text, and not some weird Bizarro filter through which you view the original.  This is important for criticism (its context over on Superfani so far), but it’s also true for adaptations.  The show is just the show, that’s it.  In terms of quality, it has less than nothing to do with the source material.

That was an even longer tangent, sorry about that.  Okay, back to happy times.

I really like this show.  Despite my jackass subject line, I don’t actually think this has overmuch to do with Shakugan no Shana.  Well, the reason the deal went through to adapt it probably had a lot to do with that show, but that’s business.  Sure, every time Taiga shouts “urusai” I have flashbacks, but hell, who doesn’t?

Maybe later in the season, after I’ve watched a bunch more Toradora!, I’ll finally be able to post about how I like shows like this so much, when I can’t stand most realism in other fields.  I think it’s the funny, more than anything else, but I suspect there’s more to it than that.

I’ll leave you with this:

snapshot20081018002123.jpg picture by cuchlann


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I feel like I’m about to cop out on you.  Yes, I’m back, after all this time.  I’ve been steadily managing to do one post each week over at Superfanicom, but between that and class work I haven’t done much here.  I was drafting a post on the new Lucky Star which I hope to get up here soon, we’ll see about that.  In the meantime, I finally got around to another episode of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.  

You may be reading these posts about this show years from now — as in, they’ll be new, hot off your rss reader, or whatever we use to get websites delivered to our retinas forty years on.  By God I’ll finish this show if it breaks me, but I’m not sure how much I can take at once.  In fact, I watched the first few minutes of this episode a few weeks ago and shut it off.  “I’ve seen this already,” I said.  “I watched Ai Yori Aoshi,” I cried, “and the characters were better in that!  Why do I have to do this again?”  

That is, I watched a young, middle-school aged girl fake dating the lead male.  The plot was slightly different, in the end, but it was still completely uninteresting overall.  A few bits and pieces were funny, thankfully.

Horrifyingly enough, it looks like the next episode, maybe more, will be taken up by the bitch, Shiina.  Super good.

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